Quirky Characters to tell tales, host events,
or entertain the crowds

We have a host of quirky characters, small and tall, to entertain the crowds at your special event. From a storytelling garden gnome, to a super tall disco diva, we have a variety of characters to choose from. 


Storytelling characters currently available include -

  • Bubbles the Garden Gnome (humanette style puppet character), 

  • Shorty McLoud (stilt walking storyteller), 

  • Ephemera McGonagal (a storytelling witch), and 

  • Mary Christmas (who brings an exciting array of festive tales).


Stilt characters include -

  • Flora the Victorian Lady Explorer (who loves discovering where things are, and sharing her knowledge with all and sundry)

  • Farrah Foamhedd (whose bubbly enthusiasm makes up for her terrible dance moves. She lives to disco, and is always on the look out for her latest ‘signature move’)

  • Shorty McLoud (tall and cheerful, frequently found with a tall tale and a ukulele)

  • Captain Glam (a close relative of Farrah Foamhedd, Captain Glam loves to add Zap, Pow and Blam! to your selfies)


Puppet and wrangler teams include -

  • Trouble the Troll with Jean from the RSPCT

  • Snail and Gail

  • Wanda the Wandering Witch with her basket of critters (including hedgehog and frog puppets)

  • Mary Christmas with Little Bear (the polar bear cub)

Feel free to contact us about adapting or creating a new character for your special event.