Stories with Purpose

Story Bubble loves helping people with creativity and storytelling

Sometimes using a simple story structure can help demystify The Unknown. At Story Bubble we are very interested in helping children through life's challenges with our skills in story and our friendly, commonsense approach.


Are there ways you think that stories may help your organisation be more inclusive? If so, please contact us to discuss a collaboration. 

We are interested in -​

  • creating friendly social stories to help children facing medical procedures

  • making simple videos to introduce children to new places or processes (from Going to Big School to Having a Haircut)

  • writing stories that address a problem in an imaginary world to help find solutions in the real world

We frequently enlist the help of experienced illustrator Lenny Pelling of Burger With the Lot Designs, who creates beautiful pictures for use in videos or print materials, as well as designing books, leaflets or posters for printing.